Bad Handyman
  • Missed Appointments
  • Disregard To Professional Standards
  • Unsafe Work Practices
  • Lack Of Communication
  • Lagging Response Times
  • Under Delivers And Over Promises
  • Unwillingness To Own Or Fix Mistakes
  • Unpleasent Attitude
  • Low Standards For Workmanship
  • Disregard For Customer Landscaping

If this sounds like the sub-contractor experience you've come to expect, then it's time to hit the "Piles Made Easy" button!

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We do our level best to make it easy and fast to build.

We do our level best!

How many more projects could you get done this year building on precision leveled foundations?

The piles were installed promptly and efficiently with no clean up required afterwards. Most importantly they lined up making it easy to put my beam in place. Good Job!- L. Wiebe Custom Homes & Renovations
Stan, I'm very happy with the work of your guys. Very friendly and professional. They handled the hunk of concrete they ran into with good humor and worked around it. I'd recommend your company's work anytime. Why save a few bucks doing it yourself when you can have professionals put it in laser level in a quarter of the time? I was building 15 minutes after they left. Many thanks.-Michael F., Winnipeg, MB
This was a first for our company and as expected the install went without a hitch. The pile was placed and installed perfectly, no mess, no earth to move and ready to use instantly. Awesome product and very professional crew of installers. We will definitely continue with this product for future projects.– Bruce Balliet, TriWest Construction Inc.
The team was very professional.They arrived at the time they promised, and completed their task quickly. The saddles were level and required no adjustments.– Albert Algera, Algera Home Improvements

Sounds great for decks and sunrooms… But we do stuff like home additions, and new home builds in the city of Winnipeg and have to use concrete. Myth!


Postech Screw Piles Manitoba has solutions for all your residential, light commercial and cottage country projects with solutions up to 35,000lbs per pile.

We also coordinate geotechnical investigations, shop drawings, structural plans and close out letters to satisfy building authorities and facilitate permit approvals. All reasons Postech has become the number 1 permitted screw pile in Winnipeg!



Two-story Garage

Two-story Garage

72,000L Liquid Storage Tank

72,000L Liquid Storage Tank


As a General Contractor, our firm deals with many partnering trades on any given day. What a pleasure it is to deal with Stan Higgins and his team. It is refreshing to deal with a firm that "does what they say they are going to do". On time, on budget and a follow up call to confirm that we are pleased. Welcome to our team!-Todd Hallson (President), Vantage Builders
The guys on site were friendly and willing to help. I didn't feel as though they were rushing to get to their next project. A good part of the team.- Daniel Melendez, Lola Construction Management
No Mess

Impress your customers by dealing with the area's only Baeumler Approve Screw Piles company. Bryan Baemler is loved by Canadians because he is not only fun to work with but stands for quality workmanship and honesty with customers.

The Baeumler Approved program is different from most similar approval programs in that our product isn’t Baeumler Approved, our local company’s services are. This means that not all Postech dealers are Baeumler Approved only those who can provide proof of all insurances and certifications, quality workmanship and a solid reputation with customers.

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Exclusive Peace of Mind Guarantee
Exclusive Peace of Mind

Postech Winnipeg has 100% confidence in your satisfaction that we proudly offer guarantees that most others would never consider.

Zero Risk Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your Postech Manitoba and Kenora installed screw pile foundation, let our installers know prior to leaving the site. If we can't resolve concerns to your satisfaction, we will uninstall and buyback each of the Postech Winnipeg screw piles you purchased. Note: In order to qualify for buyback, each Postech screw pile must be accessible so they may be uninstalled. Postech Winnipeg reserves the right to deny the buyback of any Postech screw piles which are not accessible for uninstallation, altered / customized for a unique application, or damaged by the customer. Mileage charges may apply.

Seven Year Performance Guarantee

Your Postech Winnipeg professionally installed screw piles include a seven (7) year performance guarantee against movement due to frost heaving as well as pre-mature deterioration. Note: Performing any of the following actions may void your guarantee: enclosing any structure not designed to be enclosed, adding heavy objects such as hot tubs to a structure not designed for such loads, cutting or altering the screw piles in any way, draining water in the area of a screw pile, not adequately trenching or using void form where structures are at or near grade, or any accidental or intentional impact to the screw pile causing damage.

Give your customers peace of mind with Postech

Manitoba's exclusive performance guarantee. Give yourself peace of mind with Postech Manitoba's Zero Risk guarantee!

A guarantee worth the paper it's printed on…

We could not be happier or more pleased with the service we have received from your company. Given how rocky and wet the soil conditions are at our cottage we knew it would be a challenge to get screw piles down any great depth when we originally had you install them in 2013 under our screen-room. When all four piles made it down 6 feet or more we thought we were home free. As it turned out we were not and the screen-room was raised by the frost this past winter. Your reaction to this news was nothing short of exemplary. Your immediate offer of multiple possible solutions including the option of a full refund confirmed for us just what a class act you and your company are. We chose to have you reinstall each of the piles after taking a long carbide rock bit to the holes in the hope of getting deeper. Your crew worked hard to get the piles down further than they were before, spending about 2 hours on each pile and I believe that all the piles are now 7 feet plus down. Your crew were also very careful not to create any more collateral damage then necessary to complete the task. We are very grateful to you and your guys for all your effort and perseverance given a very difficult situation.– Jim and Susan Shannon, Steep Rock, MB

Start offering a guranteed foundation on your building projects.

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Are screw piles right for my projects?

Are screw piles right for my projects?

Often considered the most significant benefit of screw piles is the relationship between torque, soil capacity and pile capacity; however, this also the reason screw piles can’t always be cheaper. A concrete friction or belled pile can often be installed unknowingly into very poor soils without modification to design, in these cases the piling bill for concrete might be cheaper than screw piles but the long term costs due to concrete pile failure are significantly higher.

Screw Piles a Viable Choice? Screw Piles Generally Cheaper?
Lightly loaded structure (7,500 lbs or less) Absolutely, no brainer Yes
Home or large home addition Yes Sometimes, call for estimate
Commercial structure under 2 stories Yes Sometimes, call for estimate
Lightly loaded commercial structures Yes Yes
Commercial or industrial equipment Yes Usually, call for estimate
Cottage Yes Usually, call for estimate
Docks and boathouses Yes Yes
Tight access or interior piling projects Yes Yes
Underpinning Yes Yes
Sensitive landscaping or environments Yes Yes

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Rain, Snow or Shine, Postech Manitoba will be there.

Avoid the constant re-shuffling of project schedules due to weather delays.

Get a jump on spring… Preferred Contractors get FREE frost drilling through 2017 building season!

We were extremely satisfied with the work performed by the crew from Postech. Even though the weather was extremely cold (-25 °C) the crew did the job professionally and in fact completed the installation of 21 Screw Piles in 2 days even though they said it would take 3. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for this type of work to be done at their home.-Ted and Sheila, Winnipeg, MB
In July of this year we had a sunroom and deck put in by Pioneer Window and Door and they used Postech Screw Piles. What an amazing product!!! And as we walk in our sunroom and on our deck….we know it will last for many years as it is really solid. Also the men that came that rainy, muddy day were so professional, knew their job quite well and answered any questions we asked them. All in all we are very satisfied. Thank you POSTECH!!!– Patricia Robson, Winnipeg, MB

Got a Tricky Foundation Issue?

Postech Manitoba has plenty of tricks up their sleeve for those projects that have you scratching your head.

Great service. The employees were courteous. They worked fast and cleaned up the work area as much as it was possible. Our porch is now close to the house, not 4 inches apart. Thank you.– Len & Barb Boucher, Winnipeg, MB
Just wanted to say thanks for helping us out of a jamb. The specified, underpinned "Poured in Place Piles" were not practical due to caving soil conditions. Your Postech product is the ideal solution. By providing us a concise spec sheet for your product, we were able to quickly convince the Engineer to consider the augered pile as an alternate. Installation went very smoothly, and the testing GEO Tech Inspector was very impressed with the system. The cost was considerably less than poured in place piles. Postech's system is also cleaner, faster, and no tailings to haul away. From our point of view everything went excellently. We will definitely recommend Postech to engineers on future projects. We look forward to working with you again.– Randy Kehler, Cornerstone Construction

What's better than an out-of-the-box solution to a tricky situation? Getting that solution at a discount exclusive to preferred contractors.

Whether you have a project today or perhaps in the future, it's always advantageous to be a preferred contractor. Start enjoying the benefits today!

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We are here to serve you…

Here is another way for you to get more done throughout your day… have Postech Manitoba mark out the pile locations and coordinate the call before you dig!

When you hit the "Piles Made Easy" button, Postech Manitoba, your piling concierge, is there to serve you.

Postech Manitoba torque monitors every pile to ensure that capacities are always met.

Prompt courteous service. Extreme attention to detail on pile bearing capacity and pile location. Accurate placement of piles speeds up the project from start to finish. Bearing capacity of the piles will ensure the structure lasts for a long time. On the last project we were close to the river and encountered differing support from one pile to the next. Stan was prepared and had extensions on the truck. We attached several extensions and they kept driving the pile down till we got the support we needed. Great job!– Phillip Ramer, Pioneer Window and Door

Engineered solutions for every project

Postech Manitoba Engineered Solutions example 1
Postech Manitoba Engineered Solutions example 2
Postech Manitoba Engineered Solutions example 6
Postech Manitoba Engineered Solutions example 3
Postech Manitoba Engineered Solutions example 4
Postech Manitoba Engineered Solutions example 5

Whether you have a project today or perhaps in the future, it's always advantageous to be a preferred contractor. Start enjoying the benefits today!

Don't like filling out forms?

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